Gas Appliance Services Pty. Ltd. specializes in the servicing of gas appliances to meet customers’ requirements in accordance with the requirements of AS/NZS 5601.

The object of the Company is to service appliances to meet customers’ requirements and specifications for quality and service whilst ensuring all Occupational Health & Safety, Environmental and Regulatory requirements are adhered to and shareholder interests are maintained.

We plan to deliver quality service at optimum cost and always on time.

In order to achieve Company objectives and to satisfy customer expectations, Gas Appliance Services Pty. Ltd. is totally committed to implementing and maintaining the Quality Management System based on AS/NZS 9001.

Non-conformances found are to be identified and resolved using Total Quality Management.

The system is based upon the co-operation and involvement of personnel at all levels of the Company. The continued success of the Company will be assured by commitment to Quality, Continuous Improvement and obtaining both Customer and Staff satisfaction.

The General Manager ensures the requirements of ISO 9001Quality Assurance System are implemented.