Gas Appliance Services Pty Ltd conducts its business in a manner that contributes to the health and wellbeing of its employees. As far as reasonably practicable, Gas Appliance Services will ensure the safety of employees, contractors, visitors and the public. This statement is supported at all levels of the organisation.

To achieve this objective, Gas Appliance Services is committed to the provision of:

  • A safe and healthy workplace environment and work systems
  • Safe plant and equipment
  • Training to develop skills and knowledge to ensure that employees may take individual and collective responsibilities for health and safety performance
  • Appropriate supervision to ensure activities are conducted in accordance with all Gas Appliance Services Work Health & Safety (WHS) systems
  • Written procedures and instructions to ensure safe systems of work are made available
  • Gas Appliance Services WHS processes will be compliant with all legislative requirements
  • Employees will follow all WHS procedures, report all injuries and accidents to Management

Each Manager/Supervisor is responsible for:

  • Providing and maintaining the workplace in a safe condition
  • Ensuring all WHS procedures are actively promoted within their area of responsibility
  • Actively participate in the rehabilitation of employees injured at work
  • Providing the resources to meet their health and safety commitment
  • Retaining records and reporting on prevention, training, injury and incidents

Gas Appliance Services encourages a consultative approach between all parties to improve health & safety performance. Where required, elected employee health and safety representatives will be formally involved in any workplace change that may affect the health and safety of employees and/or other people on company premises.

All employees have a duty of care to protect not only their own health and safety; but also that of their fellow employees. Employees are actively encouraged to participate with management in the continual improvement of workplace standards.

Please note: The full WHS Policy (Policy 1.5.1) is available to all employees on the company intranet. The policy will be reviewed to reflect changes in the organisation or relevant Work Health and Safety Legislation.